Web Master

What course is all about?

This program will make you master of web by learning most prevalent concepts of internet with basic coding and softwares. Using most simple open source resources student will learn online and offline web concepts. Learn to create blogs and edit them on your own. This course will help to learn simple concepts of e-mails, chat systems and online billings etc.


Introduction to Internet

  • Basics of HTML(Hyper Text Markup Language)

  • Understanding of different devices, Networks, Screen sizes, Colours and Resolutions.

  • Learning Creating web pages

  • Adding Images, designing layouts

  • Creating Table and Layers

  • Formatting and Designing with CSS(Case Cade Stylesheets)

  • Adding Audio and Videos.

  • Layer and Layout concepts

  • Web Animations.

  • Using Graphic User Interface Editors.

  • Creating Blogs, Using Encyclopedias and Search Engines, Creating email ids.

  • Using open source plugins.

  • Making web Projects