Desk Helper

What course is all about?

This program is specially design to learn basics of computers and communication devices(ipad,Mobiles,Smartphones). Knowing how to use a computer often allows you to get work done in a more organized, efficient and timely manner, especially if you perform a job that requires you to use a computer on a frequent or regular basis. This course covers basics of computers, Calculations, graphs, presentations and using resources of print and web. This course also teaches to make videos and manage contents on different devices.

Who is eligible to do this course- Whoever want to learn computer operations. Adults and Kids Age 8+


Introduction to Computers

  • Basics of operating computers.
  • Introduction to Hardware and software.
  • Learning drawing and painting.
  • Documentation and Typing with computers.
  • Making and using graph and Spread sheets.
  • Math and calculations.
  • Making Power point presentations.
  • Learn Using Encyclopedia and resources.
  • Making video and movies.
  • Using Tools of Print for projects.
  • Using web and emails.
  • File input and output.