Hand Pottery for Beginners 

Let’s have real fun with clay

Animation Supplement brings "Pottery for beginners" course cum workshop for little one as well as for adults too. This program aims to teach basics of hand pottery with eco-friendly clay (terracotta/Shadu matti).


  • Making, preparing dough with clay. Learning molding, wrapping, throwing and storing clay.
  • Learning rolling, cutting, scoring and slipping with clay.
  • Introduction to pinching method, Creating Pinch pots with clay.
  • Making models with pinch pot method and painting it.
  • Introduction to coil method, making articles by using coils.
  • Introduction to slab method.
  • Making articles by slab method.
  • Making textures and paintings by clay.
  • Home based baking techniques for firing clay.

All materials will be provided.