Paper Craft

Fold, cut, slice and glue your way to create 3D Paper Art & Accessories!!

What course is all about?

Paper craft is a form of crafting in which paper is used to create three dimensional objects such as models or sculptures. Paper craft is incredibly varied! Grab some friends and spend a few hours having fun creating your very own handmade paper pieces. This course is designed to give you the know-how to create all sorts of awesome stuff with paper. 

In paper art we’ll cover anything from techniques behind making paper flowers, spheres, layers etc. for hours of endless paper craft fun!

What are benefits of this course?

At the end of this course you will walk away with a number of your own handmade pieces and the paper craft skills to create more that can be used in styling, designing, visual merchandising or animation as well as just decorating your living space with something beautiful and handmade.

Eligibility: No experience necessary and all materials provided.



  1. Understanding papers and tools
  2. Type of folds and cuts.
  3. Understanding angles and units.
  4. Cutting, shaping and layering papers. 

Things to do- Creating Paper Book Marks, Designing different Envelops, Creating Gift Bags, Creating Paper Bows, Creating Paper Box etc.


  1. Creating cut-out paintings.
  2. Creating Paper Puppets.

3D Paper Art

  1. Creating Paper hanging Balls.
  2. Creating Paper Plants.
  3. Creating Paper Flowers.
  4. Creating Paper Flower Hanging series.


  1. Creating Paper Hats
  2. Creating Paper Lanterns

Project: From any above topics.