The much anticipated Lego Movie opened yesterday in INDIA and according to the review of “THE TIMES OF INDIA”, there's much to enjoy in this film for all age groups - everything from the pop culture references, the multitudes of characters, light-hearted sarcasm and above all, the fantastic script.

This movie is a multicoloured marvel. It takes characters just a few centimetres tall and creates a story like you've never seen before in an animated film. Furthermore, you might find yourself humming the song 'Everything is awesome, everything is cool!' long after you've left the cinema hall.

But that’s not enough! Now you can enjoy "THE LEGO" adventure online on is an ever evolving online ecosystem for kids where they can live, express and play.. It is the only platform dedicatedly designed for kids of the age group of 6 to 12, globally where kids can consume popular content from national as well as international kids’ brands.

Content partner with Warner Brothers, brings online adventures of “THE LEGO MOVIE” for kids and interested audience.

Kids on can now get an exclusive sneak-peak into the life of Emmet, the perfect ordinary LEGO mini-figure battling a case of mistaken identity and landing up with the mission to save the world.

The fun does not end here! In addition to the trailer and quiz, the Game Den on gives its citizens a chance to get up close and personal with the characters from the movie by playing special LEGO games like ‘Sinkhole’, where users have to help Emmet dodge never ending obstacles in a pit, solve the LEGO puzzle in ‘Submarine’ and join Batman in training in ‘Batman’s First Try’, among others like ‘Sig Fig’, ‘Brick Bust’, ‘Get Dressed’, and ‘Scramble’.

Mr. Harsh Wardhan Dave (Head – Experience and Brand at says “LEGO is an intrinsic part of every child’s life today. The announcement of the move onto the big screen has a created a lot of curiosity among kids wanting to see the LEGO bricks come alive. Moreover Emmet and his friends are new to the animation scenario and this partnership will allow our users to engage with the characters and understand the perils that Emmet goes through in the series. We are confident that the addition of Emmet on our platform will add value to the brand and will be a welcome change for the users.”

The team is constantly working towards creating content that adds value to the overall time a child spends online. Partnering with the LEGO movie was a step in that direction, going forward the team is looking forward to working with brands which are effectively willing to collaborate and add to the ethos to create responsible global citizens of tomorrow.

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This really could be the movie we all dreamed about as kids.

"The Lego Movie," opening Friday 7th February 2014 in INDIA, is the first full-length theatrical LEGO adventure featuring many popular characters from the brand's toys and video games. Movie is far more inventive and satirical than you might expect. Made with a conscious resistance to the pitfall of toy-based movies, it's imbued with a childlike playfulness and a subversive mockery of corporate control.

Anyone who ever designed a universe from a heap of parts on their bedroom floor will know what Phil Lord and Christopher Miller, writer/directors of Warner Bros.'new 3D animated comedy “The LEGO Movie,” mean when they say that, growing up, they always had buckets of LEGO® bricks.

"We actually really enjoy a challenge and get excited by solving a seemingly impossible puzzle," Miller says. "Each one of those movies — 'Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs,' '21 Jump Street' and 'The Lego Movie' — we were like, 'That sounds terrible. It's probably going to be terrible, unless ... unless, there is one way you could do it.'"

“We’d build spaceships and all kinds of crazy things, but it wasn’t just the building, it was the infinite possibilities of things to make and express that was so irresistible and exciting,” says Miller. 

The Denmark-based Lego Group was approached by Warner Bros. producers in 2007 about making a movie, with an earlier story outline by Dan and Kevin Hageman. The company has in recent years expanded beyond toy sets to build numerous international theme parks, release several lines of video games with Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and air the Cartoon Network TV series "Ninjago" (for which there are movie plans, too).

This animated tale follows an average, ordinary minifigure named Emmet (Chris Pratt) who is mistakenly identified as the next "LEGO Master Builder." With help from an interesting mix of characters -- including free spirit Wyldstyle (Elizabeth Banks), Batman (Will Arnett), the ancient wizard Vitruvius (Morgan Freeman), and a spaceman from the '80s named Benny (Charlie Day) -- Emmet embarks on an unexpected quest to save Bricksburg from the evil Lord Business' (Will Ferrell) plan to dominate the entire LEGO universe. Expect some mild action and rude humor in this LEGO adventure, not to mention some heavy brand exposure to an already popular toy line.

Check out the clips and a featurette below.


"Everything is awesome!" goes the official theme song to "The Lego Movie," and while critics will eventually decide if that's actually the case, it's hard to deny that spirit that's powering the Warner Bros. flick. Even though the entire movie is built around one of the most popular toys of all time, there's a weird innocent sweetness permeating from "The Lego Movie," which is certainly a nice change from the usual crass commercialism these kinds of movies project. 

Indeed, the voice cast is filled with people we like — Chris Pratt, Alison Brie, Elizabeth Banks, Will Arnett, Will Ferrell — and the concept is pretty smart, with the adventure taking a regular Lego on an adventure through all the Lego lands including Pirates Cove, Knights Club, Vikings Landing and Cloud Cuckoo Land. The brand doesn't seem too precious to not make jokes at its own expense, so yeah, this really could be the movie we all dreamed about as kids. Certainly, the nine clips and over 30 images recently dropped the movie are pretty inventive stuff.

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A studios with uncompromised access to a range of production & post production services for all media including Film and Digital Cameras, Broadcast Multicam Solutions, Automated Lighting Solutions, the finest Film Lab in India, DI Suites, VFX facilities and a world class Dolby Certified Preview Theatre!

Yes now India have such studio in Mumbai by Reliance MediaWorks.

Reliance MediaWorks studios is Mumbai's Largest and India's first 'Hollywood benchmarked' super silent 'sync sound' capable sound stages built to stringent acoustical and structural specifications attracts the entire film television and commercial facility, as a one stop destination for all their production needs. This years most awaited releases Salman Khan Starrer, Jai Ho and Aamir Khan's P.K. were amongst of a host of movies shot at the studio.

Commenting on the Reliance MediaWorks studio actor Salman Khan said, "It is fun to work in such a close to nature environment, with utmost peace and best standard of quality, the best thing about working in RMW Studios is that everything is so organized that we do not have to wait for anything, all shooting measures have been taken care of, nicely".

Commenting about the facilities at the Reliance MediaWorks Studio, Director Mr. Sohail Khan, said, "The RMW studio is a unique experience that makes filming a simple, effortless experience. We shot at the RMW studio for "Jai Ho", our next production starring Salman Khan, and I am very impressed with the ease in which they were able to manage our shoot. Thank you so much for a stress free and enjoyable shooting schedule. The Reliance MediaWorks studio is a great facility and has great people to work with. I will definitely be back with bigger projects."

Raj Kumar Hirani, who filmed P.K. starring Aamir Khan at the Reliance MediaWorks studio, commented "We had a great time filming at Reliance MediaWorks Studios, things were made much easier by the access to all the facilities and having everything we needed at our fingertips. I was very impressed with the level of detail and focus on Western standards that went into building your sound stages and the supporting workshops. Way to go Reliance MediaWorks team. The combination of great facilities and friendly, knowledgeable staff made sure the shoot was problem free".

"The studios have been designed to meet both local and international film needs. "We aspired to create a total world-class facility here to enable producers capture their creative imagination in celluloid. What has been really encouraging is the number of producers and shows that keep coming back to use our facilities which are of real International standards." Mr. Ashish Chakravorty of Reliance MediaWorks said. He further added that Phases II and III of the studio is gearing up to be operational from FY'14.

The RMW studios offer enviable height options; unmatched data transfer connectivity and sync sound, making it an ideal choice for both film productions and broadcasters. RMW has fully operational 3 Sound Stages (Popularly called Studio 7), and 24 rooms of attached comprehensive production support facilities, to make the most extensive and a complex design concepts possible. The RMW studio encompasses multipurpose workshops, art departments, make-up rooms, wardrobe rooms, star rooms, production offices, green rooms and storage spaces form part of the of the studio. 

The Reliance MediaWorks Studio is on par with international standards. It provides sync-sound i.e. a noise co-efficient less than 30 db, which is not offered by any other Indian studio. It is the largest, fully air-conditioned facility in Mumbai with a clear internal height of 58ft. enabling enormous 'live load' bearing capacities and elephant doors which allow full truck access on to the stages. The fire safety and security measures are as per Los Angeles County Fire Department regulations.

The recently concluded IPL "Extra Innings" has used the studio as its home base; Set Max did their direct to edit setups too. Reality shows like, Indian Idol, X-Factor, MTV Coke Studio have used the Reliance MediaWorks sound stages repeatedly over the years.

Feature Films like Agneepath, Lootera, Agent Vinod, Student of the Year, Singham, Dhoom 3 and Ram Leela amongst others have been extensively shot here. On account of the monsoons in Mumbai, Sanjay Leela Bhansali Films had moved their entire outdoor set into the RMW's studio facility which ensured continuity of the shoot and no delays.

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3D Printing is one of the most exciting technologies in the world, with limitless applications ranging from jewellery casts to vehicle parts. What if you could make a 3D design, upload it online, have it printed and delivered to your home in India? With i.materialise(, you can do just that.

In India 3D printing is being used by jewellers, especially those based in Mumbai, says Wim Michiels, executive vice-president of Materialise, a Belgium-based 3D printing company. "We have worked with researchers from institutions such as the IITs and they mostly seek prototypes. However, jewellery is one exception. Many people in Mumbai use 3D printing in jewellery, whether directly or indirectly by printing wax casts. I'm not saying all of them use our software for it, but 3D printing is definitely being used in Mumbai," he adds.

3D Printed Lamp
The applications of 3D printing are vast, but the most critical of these is its role in saving lives. The New England Journal of Medicine published one such case. American couple April and Bryan Gionfriddo's son Kaiba used to stop breathing every day as his collapsed bronchus blocked the flow of air to his lungs. "That was a unique case. An implant that could help the child was under development in the University of Michigan. It was built using 3D printing and placed in the child's wind pipe to prevent collapse and to give the skeleton room for growth," Michiels says.

3D Printing

The device was created from a CT scan of Kaiba's trachea, "integrating an image-based computer model with laser-based 3D printing to produce the splint". Kaiba's breathing troubles ended after he was taken off ventilator support three weeks from the day of surgery in February 2012.

Wim Michiels says the technology is capable of 3D printing organs too. "Will we see it in our lives? I hope so. There are several ethical questions to be addressed regarding organ printing. It can be used to prolong lives, yes," Michiels says.