Mumbai: 22nd January 2018: Assemblage Entertainment, the feature-film focused CGI animation studio has begun production on the sequel of 2016 theatrical feature film Norm of the North, along with Splash Entertainment, Lionsgate and Dream Factory

In many first-of-its times, it is unprecedented that an independent animated feature from India is greenlit for a sequel to be watched by global audiences in 2018.

Norm of the North, a 2016 animated comedy-adventure film was directed by Trevor Wall, with voices by Rob Schneider, Heather Graham, Ken Jeong and Bill Nighy. It was co-produced by Splash Entertainment, Assemblage Entertainment and Telegael, and distributed by Lionsgate in North America.

The film released theatrically in North Americaon January 15, 2016 opening in over 2,400 theatres. Norm also was released theatrically in over 70 territories around the world.

Thissequel brings together, yet again, the longstanding and dynamic partnership between two animation industry leaders, Mike Young and Madmax (AK Madhavan), renowned to have opened the shores of the Indian animation industry with the successful Emmy and BAFTA Award winning show Jakers! The Adventure of Piggley Winks in 2003.

Mike Young’s Splash Entertainment is a leading independent animation studio and Distribution Company based in Los Angeles, and is an innovator, developer and producer of many original animated television series and movies.

Assemblage Entertainment, in a short span of time, has delivered two full length feature films, Norm of the North, and Blinky Bill – The Movie distributed by Studio Canal. It is currently delivering its third full length 3D stereoscopic theatrical feature film scheduled for a wide release in 2018 by Open Road Films.

Assemblage recently also worked on DreamWorks' Trollhunters - a Netflix Original Series by legendary filmmakerGuillermo del Toro.Trollhunters received wide global acclaim and won multiple Emmy and Annie awards.

Set up in 2013 and headquartered in Mumbai, Assemblage boasts of an award winning team 250 people including technocrats, artists and production professionals with several years of collective experience in creating world-class animation productions with major Hollywood studios and independent production companies.

Founded by industry veteran AK Madhavan, or Madmax, as he is fondly known, is recognized in the business of media, film and entertainment as the one accredited to opening the doors of Indian animation industry to the global markets. Over the last 17 years, Max has built a strong reputation of credibility and quality in the animation industry.

Assemblage is currently also developing its own original content in collaboration with various Hollywood content creators and producers.


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