SkySafe Studios brings Gigglymals - Funny Animals Interactive app on Apple App Store



SkySafe Studios is an Indian apps development studio established in 2014, specialises in developing innovative fun learning apps for kids and families. 

Founders of SkySafe Studios believe that adding a pinch of fun and entertainment in learning makes it an interesting and a joyful experience for kids. 

Features of this cute and interesting app includes more than 110 funny animations and 23 animals made in 3d unlike any other app for kids. Each animation is supported with amazing sound effects. There is no goal, no wrong or right, it’s a fail-safe app where kids enjoy playing with animals. 

Fun is not just limited to kids. Even parents will enjoy interacting with animals.

Gigglymals is set to release worldwide on the Apple App Store on Aug 29. The price of full version app will be $0.99

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