Raj Comics is celebrating Super Commando Dhruva's birthday online. On occasion, all comics series of Dhruva is available on-line at http://www.rajcomics.com/ with promotional sale of 25% discount.

Super Commando Dhruva (सुपर कमांडो ध्रुव in Devanagari script) is a fictional character, an Indian comic book superhero, who appears in comic books published by Raj Comics. The character, created by writer and illustrator Anupam Sinha, first appeared in GENL #74 Pratishodh Ki Jwala published in April 1987 and since then, has appeared regularly in many issues published by Raj Comics. Super Commando Dhruva, whose complete name is Dhruva Mehra, is additionally referred to as Captain Dhruva by the cadets of his Commando Force.

Dhruva became a very popular character soon after he was introduced. He is one of Raj Comics' most successful characters. Over the years, Dhruva has acquired an iconic status in the Indian comic book superhero genre.

image courtesy Raj Comics

Birthday wishes from Animation Supplement.com too!

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