Naughty 5

Ajit Nair, a young creative mind behind "Naughty 5" Film was invited by blender foundation for sharing his experience on occasion of celebrating the 10th birthday of Blender as Open Source project! The annual conference was held in Amsterdam, De Balie, 12-13-14 October 2012. 

Organised every year, this conference have a great mix of technical talks, scientific presentations, case studies from studios and workshops by artists and developers. The Blender Conference is really for everyone who's interested in Blender in general. 

The presentation was around "Naughty 5" a feature film of 100 minutes which is currently under production. The whole film has been made using Blender. 

The discussion was around the challenges in running a Blender studio in an industry where proprietary softwares are a norm and Challenges in setting up an open source studio set-up, developing a production pipeline and setting up training (an animation course using blender). 

Ajit who was working as a trainer in an institute teaching 3d softwares like 3ds MAX and Maya, quit in 2008 to start working on his own film as director. He decided to use Blender, because of the need of an open source solution. It’s been 4 years since then, the film is nearing completion. He is now leading a team of 25 people who are currently working on the film. Also by January 2013 he plans to launch a training institute where animation would be taught with the use of Blender as the only 3d software. In a conversation with animationsupplement.com, Ajit shares challenges of using open source software and making a feature film by using Blender!

Ajit Nair at his studio

Ajit Nair at his studio

Hi Ajit, Tell us about Vivify Animation & film studio?

We are an studio based in Navi Mumbai, and from the past 4 years we have been working on first feature film titled “Naughty 5”. 

Tell us about your young team and achievements?

We started with a small team of 7 people which has grown up to 27 people as of now. Its a fairly young team with an average age of 26. With the exception of experimental short films, none of the artists have any major film making experiences behind them. By the end of this project, they will end up having the complete experience of producing and releasing a full length feature film nationally. 

Ajit Nair at his studio