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Zatun is an Ahmedabad based global company that has been thriving in the world of Game development since 2007. Games made by Zatun is played and enjoyed by millions of users throughout the world. Zatun deliver services for Game development and Game Concept Art for iPhone games, Android games, Facebook games, Casual games, Flash games and game art on all platforms including smart phones, tablets, handhelds and consoles.

 Zatun has work for some of the top game developers and publishers; clients like ngmoco, Disney, Ubisoft, Ourstage and Gearbox are few to be named. 

zatun studiozatun studio

Zatun’s long term proven experience and project management with the Indian based team of expert designers and developers has led to them at the remarkable achievement of the Best Game Award at FICCI FRAMES BAF Awards 2010 in Mumbai for the game title “The Legend of Vraz” and got nominated for “Best App of the Year “at NDTV tech awards, 2011. Man behind Zatun’s vision and mission, Founder Abhinav Chokhavatia  who is also Executive Producer on all games developed by Zatun and was responsible for bringing his vision and concept for the game “The Legend of Vraz” to life was recently conferred with the “Star Youth Achiever” Award at Global Youth and Marketing Forum 2012 by Star News. 

Zatun is today India’s one of the top game outsourcing company who is not only doing game development along with giant multinational players but also helping out fresher’s with internship opportunities. 

Abhinav Chokhavatia

Zatun’s Founder/CEO Abhinav Chokhavatia shares success story of Zatun with animationsupplement.com.

Abhinav share with us Zatun’s Foundation story, how you started with Zatun? 

Zatun started in June 2007 but the idea for it started in 2006. I was working with a friend of mine at Ubisoft Montreal in Canada and at that time there was a lot of hype about India and outsourcing.  I always knew that one day I would come back to India and start my own. I talked about the idea with my friend and he too wanted to start his own company.  So we both decided to leave our jobs and come to India and start Zatun. I came to India in June, 2006 while my friend came in October 2006. However, within the first month he could not adjust with the climate and the red tape so he headed back. I decided to stay back and started building up the company. We were officially launched in June 2007 and it’s been 5 years but a fun ride.

What was the main motivating factor to go ahead with gaming company though Indian market is still growing and that also from Ahemdabad, a future metro city in India?

My family was based in Ahmedabad and that was the main reason to start the company here. Ahmedabad has all the amenities of a metro city (except discos and pubs) without the headaches of a metro city and yet has a small town feel. I always wanted to start my own company and it just happened. The Indian market was growing and is still growing and it was the best time to start..

Zatun is a game development company, what kind of projects Zatun work on?

We work on all sorts of projects for all type of client’s right from top publishers and game developers to one man indie teams. We undertake game art projects on all platforms right from PC to smartphones to consoles and undertake all aspects of game art right from concepts to UI design to level design to modelling and animation. 

Share the success story of Game “The Legend of Vraz”, first arched game based on Indian Miniature painting style and culture. 

The Legend of Vraz got featured in Game Resolution Magazine reviewer and the reviewer quoted “Coming from a country not known for its videogames, The Legend of Vraz looks to lead an era of Indian gaming.” We also got featured in a lot of online sites and reviews and won the Best PC Game Award at FICCI Frames BAF Awards in 2010. Our demo downloads for the game was around 80,000 within the first 2-3 months. Its first kind of game based on Indian Art and Culture and art work is inspired by miniature painting styles of mughal and Rajput era.

Screenshots of The Legend of VRAZ

Screenshots of The Legend of VRAZ

Zatun’s award winning fun family game “I LUV CHOCOLAT” is purely a fresh concept, popular and available for iPhone Apple. How you conceived and executed this?

We wanted to develop a casual game for kids where kids would enter a fantasy world full of chocolate and they would have to collect chocolates from a chocolate factory. 

We had an idea for quite a long while and developed this idea into a complete game. We collected various references from movies, games and art and from there we created the concepts for the characters level and worked on the gameplay. 

While working on our Iphone game "I luv chocolat", we had already decided the concept and the look of all 7 levels in the game and the programmers had begun the game prototype in Unity. The Art for 3-4 levels was almost ready. The Level 2 of our game had turned out beautifully and the team felt that the remaining levels did not match up. So while the assets were being created, we scrapped the remaining levels, redid the concepts and the assets for the remaining levels. 

You have recently announced release of a new Facebook Flash based 2D game called “Kevi Rite Jaish” based on an Indian Gujarati movie. How it’s different to work for a game based on a movie.

Working on the game based on the movie was a fun and a different experience. For Kevi Rite Jaish, we wanted the game to be used as a marketing tool for the movie and created the game concept similar to the movie storyline.

The production team contacted us less than 3-4 weeks before the film’s release and we wanted to have the game out a week before the release of the movie. So we kept the concept simple and fun to play.  We brainstormed quite a few ideas and chose the most simples and fun to play idea whereby any user anywhere in the world could play the game and relate it to the movie.

kevi rite jaish game

Zatun specialise in advance device gaming technologies like on-line, iPhone, Androids (Mobile and tablet devices) and console. How Zatun update for latest technology skill sets?

 We train our artists and programmers whenever possible to update them with the latest technology skill sets.

Game development requires lot of strategies and level of designing. What strategies you follow for designing a game.

It depends upon the game. There is a lot of research that goes behind each game ranging from characters to levels, to game play, to marketing.  Once we have an idea of the type of game we wish to create, we look at which are the successful games in that genre and what they have done to become popular. We make sure that our game idea is suitable, caters to our target audience, is within our budget, timeframe and team size.

We play lots of games; look at different game art styles, game play mechanics, online concept art and other illustrations...In short anything that inspires us and adds to our current game theme. We then create an inspiration board or a vision board where we put all the references and our ideas together and then start to pick the ones that define the game we wish to create.

3D and visual effects play important role in game designing. What kind of services Zatun offers for clients? 

We offer complete game art services right from concept design to 2d Art to 3d Modelling, Texturing to 3d Animation. Zatun offers game development for iPhone, iPad, Android, Facebook Flash games and game art on platforms like smart phones, tablets, handhelds and consoles.

What is your perspective regarding Indian Gaming Industry?

There are good game developers but we lack the awareness or the reach, we need to get the attention of the masses. Also, we need a business model whereby we can monetize local video game content for India.

Can you suggest skills one need to have for entering into Gaming Industry? 

Those who are interested in a career in gaming need to be passionate not only about playing games but making games as well. The video game industry is large and has a lot of different areas right from technical to creative to marketing to QA. 

You need to get a start in the video game industry and can start off as programmer/game tester/game artist/game animator/game designer. For any of the art or programming positions, a portfolio that illustrates the skills is required. 

Artist/Animator Education:  One needs a background in fine arts or a diploma from an institute that teaches 3D software. A keen sense of observation and knowledge of anatomy helps. For animator they need to learn movements and need to develop a keen sense of timing.  The institutes could be a design school, art institutes, art schools and colleges that offer Bachelor’s in Fine Arts. 

Artist/Animator Qualifications:  For artists or animators looking to enter the video game industry, they need a strong portfolio that showcases their skills. For senior positions, they need to showcase the experience along with their experience. 

Programmer Education: One needs a degree in computer science or technology along with a strong logic. 

Programmer Qualification: The programmer needs to have a completed degree and at least one game playable prototype that showcase his/hers coding skills. 

Game Designer Education: There are colleges or institutes that offer courses and degrees and courses in game design. Apart from that the potential game designer needs to really have fun playing games and designing games and needs to understand game design, gameplay and level design in games. 

Game Designer Qualification: The designer needs to have a portfolio where by he/she can showcase their skills. 

Game Tester Education: No education is required apart from the ability to spot bugs in games. Must be passionate about games. 

Game Tester Qualification: No basic qualification is required. 

For Game producers, a background in video game industry is needed.

Zatun offers internship for fresher. How one can approach for this?

We offer art internships for students who are still in college/ institutes and those who wish to learn more about the industry. We evaluate the portfolios of the students and based upon their skills shortlist those candidates whom we feel can be add to Zatun. At the same time, we also look to learn from interns in terms of fresh ideas and a fresh outlook.

Those who are interested can apply directly to our website using the online form.


Thank you very much Abhinav for sharing your views with animationsupplement.com

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