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Rio Olympics 2016 is a sports Arena for outstanding performance of athletes and sports teams from all over the world. Everyone love to watch and hope that their nation wins maximum medals and create history in Rio Olympics. As Indian team is also participating, we all wish athletes and team players all the very best. Competition is high so is pressure.


To cheer teams, Artist Pushkar Kundu (Founder and creative director of G2creative Animation) has dedicated a hand drawn animation video to sport lovers.

He used (Rio 2016 Olympic) official 2.40 minute sound track (Gold For My Nation) as main beat and decided to create animation with help of research list of sports being played in the Olympic games.

Pushkar told us that reason behind doing this video was the exploration of his own desire, expression of love for Art and passion for animation and games.

“I wanted to dedicate this video to sports lovers, as an artist I always loved hand drawn traditional animation so I decided to make this video with help of hand drawings.”.

He started making rough plans what he wanted in this video. He did lot of modifications at initial levels because it was very difficult to bind all ideas in one for such magnificent event and at the same time wanted to maintain artistic freedom.

 With 24 frames per second he finished 2.40 minute animation by hand drawing and is very much satisfied with the result. Let’s we all watch it and share it as much as possible.

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