The Despicable Me 2 movie lands in theatres at the end of this month, but if you fancy a quick look behind the scene on how some of the 3D animates were created a new short four minute trailer has been released presented by Steve Carell.

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3D Medical Animation

3D Animation helps a lot in understanding complex medical procedures through animation videos. The benefits of well-produced medical animation have been proven effective, and bring a unique benefit to medical marketing and training efforts.

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header lip sync animation in 4 simple phase

As a newbie when I joint animation 7 years back, I thought lip sync is easiest thing to do and still many who join new have that notion but the reality, we get most of corrections in lip-sync only because of no training in this area.
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"Big Hero 6" will make its way into theaters, in 3D, on November 7, 2014.

The studio behind the animated fantasies "Bambi," "Dumbo" and '"The Lion King" has a new kind of hero tale on the way — a Marvel Comics one. Walt Disney Animation Studios is announcing on Thursday plans to release "Big Hero 6," an action-comedy inspired by a little-known Japan-set Marvel series about a team of state-sanctioned superheroes.

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Mickey Mouse is back! This series of 19, 2D cartoons will roll out on Disney Channel,, and WATCH Disney Channel, beginning June 28. 

The endearing, adventurous and comedic antics of Mickey Mouse, Disney’s #1 star and the world’s leading character franchise, will be presented in a new short-form series of 2D comedy cartoons, “Mickey Mouse,” with a special preview today, TUESDAY, MARCH 12 (3:00 p.m., ET/12:00 noon, PT) exclusively on 

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Video game company Activision unveiled its new state-of-the-art real-time graphics during the 2013 Game Developers Conference. At GDC 2013, Activision also showcased amazing hyper realistic animation.

Jorge Jimenez, Activision’s real-time graphics R&D expert, wrote on his blog that the work “represents to us the culmination of many years of work in photorealistic characters."  “Each detail is the secret for achieving reality.” He believes that this technology brings current generation characters, into next generation life. At 180 fps in a Geforce GTX 680.             

The team behind this technology consists on Javier Von Der Pahlen (Director of R&D), Etienne Danvoye (Technical Director), Bernardo Antoniazzi (Techical Art Director), Zbyněk Kysela (Modeler and Texture Artist), Mike Eheler (Programming & Support) and me (Real-Time Graphics R&D).

This animated character is being rendered in real-time on current video card hardware, using standard bone animation. The rendering techniques, as well as the animation pipeline are being presented at GDC 2013, "Next Generation Character Rendering" on March 27.

The original high resolution data was acquired from Light Stage Facial Scanning and Performance Capture by USC Institute for Creative Technologies, then converted to a 70 bones rig, while preserving the high frequency detail in diffuse, normal and displacement composite maps.

It is being rendered in a DirectX11 environment, using advanced techniques to faithfully represent the character's skin and eyes.

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Angry Bai-  animated web series by Whitelephant Productions

So now here is Angry Bai ! Indian version of world popular game Angry Birds. Angry Bai is an animated web series by Whitelephant Productions.

Whitelephant Productions is a creative team of concept writers and script writers, directors, animators, and creative directors with a team strength of 43. The company is headed by Arun and Haritha, who quit their comfortable television jobs as producers, after over 7years in the media industry,

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