In recent years India has emerged as a major back office for Hollywood animation. Now, with an original animated feature, The World of Goopi and Bagha, receiving a world premiere at the ongoing Toronto International Film Festival or TIFF.

Presented by Children's Film Society India, the film is designed and directed by Mumbai-based animator Shilpa Ranade, who has a day job as a professor at IIT-Powai’s Industrial Design Centre.

The showing of this Hindi children’s film in Toronto marked the highest profile international debut at a major global festival for feature length Indian animation.

Last year, the 3D animated film, Delhi Safari, was showcased at the Annecy Film Festival in France.

The World of Goopi and Bagha was selected by TIFF Kids programmer Elizabeth Muskala as her Hidden Gem of the festival, as she explained, “It’s very unique, it’s very vibrant and because of Shilpa’s background as an illustrator and a professor of animation, she brings a really beautiful quality to the animation.”

The classic Indian children's story Goopi Gyne Bagha Byne is reinterpreted in this animated Hindi version directed by Shilpa Ranade, set in a magical world rich in music, adventure, fine food, and friendship.

Banished from their respective kingdoms for causing a disruption with their cacophonous musical "talents," singer Goopi and the dholak-playing Bagha accidentally meet deep in the heart of the forest. While trying to scare off a tiger by singing and drumming, their ear-splitting music warms the ears of the ghosts and spirits who live there. Somehow enthralled by their dreadful music, the king of the ghosts grants them four magical boons and sends them on to new lives in the neighbouring Kingdom of Shundi. Thanks to their new gifts, Goopi and Bagha are appointed the court musicians, but are quickly caught up in a dispute between the King of Shundi and his long-lost brother. It will be up to them to use their boons (and their brains!) to prevent war between the kingdoms — and win the hands of two beautiful princesses.