Traffic Jam Game for Android by Zatun


 “Traffic Jam” provides a familiar environment of being stuck in a traffic jam on busy Indian roads. The premise is quite funny and the ironic Bollywood song in the background is sure to bring smile on player's faces.  

This addicting Indian game may sound easy but is not. If you can survive here, you will survive anywhere! If you are stuck in traffic or wish to have some quick fun, this android game is for you. 

Talking about the thought process behind the game, Mr. Abhinav Chokhavatia (CEO and Director of Zatun) says, “We wanted to make a fun game making a satire of the traffic jam situation in India. Here anyone who is involved in an accident, the belief is that the driver of the vehicle is at fault and many times the driver is beaten by the mob. Our idea was to escape from the mob and be alive in a single piece. There was a competition called “a day in India” where there were different cartoons depicting the daily life in India. This was the inspiration behind our art style and game. The game style is India; the game is fun to play and when anyone who is stuck in traffic and frustrated about it can play the game.”

Concept of game gives you a funny situation, so when you start playing game, you were daydreaming about your girlfriend, you hit an aunty on the road. Aunty has a million friends and they all come rushing to help her and soon the mob starts throwing all the things they can lay their hands on. Tap the items before they hit you. Tapping on food will give you health and tapping on bad items will make them disappear. You can share your score with your friends on Face book and Twitter.

This game can be played by anyone but will be preferred demographically between the ages of 15 to 35 in India. The game does not have any levels. It’s a single stage with a time limit of 2.5 minutes but as the time passes, the game becomes a lot tougher.

Abhinav ZatunMaking of this game involved team of 4 people from zatun. Talking about the making process of the game Mr. Abhinav Chokhavatia mentions, “We collected the references of different cartoons, styles and scenarios in India.  We then created the UI wireframes and move to designing the game design document incorporating the ideas, scenarios and game flow.  We created the concepts for the characters, UI and the background. Once the concepts were ready, we created the game prototype and then polished the game prototype as per the details in the game design document”.  

“Traffic Jam is a skill-based game that will allow players to utilize quick reflexes and hand-to-eye coordination. It is both fun and engaging to play and will definitely prove to be a challenge to any game player no matter their expertise,” quoted Mr. Abhinav Chokhavatia.

 “Traffic Jam” game is Compatible with all versions of Android right from 2.3 to 4.2 and its FREE. 


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