Angry Bai-  animated web series by Whitelephant Productions

So now here is Angry Bai ! Indian version of world popular game Angry Birds. Angry Bai is an animated web series by Whitelephant Productions.

Whitelephant Productions is a creative team of concept writers and script writers, directors, animators, and creative directors with a team strength of 43. The company is headed by Arun and Haritha, who quit their comfortable television jobs as producers, after over 7years in the media industry,

to go independent. Haritha had previously worked in ad films in Mumbai, channel V and Maa Television while Arun had worked as freelance script writer for animation outfits in Hyderabad, then after a short 2 year stint in documentary film making, he worked at Maa for another 4years. With all the savings they had they employed a three member animation team to work on their first animation project with Arun as scrpt writer and so began their journey as Whitelephant Productions and as an animation company. Coupled with their experience in TV and their compact yet proficient animation team, their first project Kittu Bittu Show went onto being on air for 52 episodes for a local kids channel, Maa Junior. Today, 2 years and  43 members larger, WEP is partnering on production on a national TV series, which is currently on air on Cartoon Network. Apart from their core team, which concentrates on content development for TV, internet and mobile, there is another department that works on Corporate related media work.  This team engages in producing corporate films and building brand enhancement films for corporates to help present themselves better across various mediums, whoever the audiences maybe. 

Their latest production from the content development team is a web series named 'Angry Bai'. While the concept is scripted and directed by Arun, Nalin Thakur is the creative director on it. Angry Bai is the story of 'Kanta Bai', a fiery and ill tempered Indian house wife and her well meaning but absent minded husband, Bhondu, who constantly and deservingly manages to be on the receiving end of Kanta's temper. Their's was a love marriage 25 years past, but the years have made Bai gruff and unsparing and Bondhu, somewhat moony and a surrendering soul.   But deep inside both of them know, that they still have endless love for each other. 

One ill-fated day Bhondu, in his usual spaced-out-manner happens to burn Kanta sari while  ironing it and unwittingly becomes the victim of Bai's irrevocable fury. Soon a hilariously action packed escapade between Bhondu and Bai's many faces, ensues and Bhondu's chances of eluding her fury are getting slimmer and slimmer. Will Bondhu manage to make a successful get away or will he find yet another way into Bai's hard-on-the-outside heart, is something you will have to check out for yourself? 

Together, Arun and Haritha hope to put WEP on the animation production map of India, as one among a handful of production houses all over the country who are independently producing a show for a national television. They are very hopeful to see this happen with their  most ambitious animation show yet, which is currently under producrtions.

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