Pallbillwill Success Story 

A Stop Motion Short Film by “DREAM IN GROUP” won 2nd runner up -- AnimationCategory in "MOVING MEDIA FILM FESTIVAL 2012 Detroit-USA". Film is made by group of students from Jayanagar Arena Animation Academy. Talking about the film, instructor Chiranjit Ghosh who directed film shared the success story of film with animationsupplement.com.  

 As a Creative Head Chiranjit always try to be experimental with concept. His main motto for making a film is storytelling and for which he like to use different kind of mixed media. Chiranjit mentions “I never stick to a single medium for a single project, I always try to mix and experiment with different media. Earlier also I have worked on projects like Lighting animation, 2D, cut-out, sand and 3D mixed medium. 


The concept of this film symbolizes friendship. The word 'Friend' is very important in our life and we tried to portray that essence of friendship through this film. We believe that a childhood friendship is immortal and every human being in this earth who has lost his or her childhood friend because of any reason always wishes to get back that friend in their life, again. 

                                                            still from Pallbillwill Success Story  still from Pallbillwill Success Story

Animation Medium

This is a stop motion film, with real 3D props and set. Naturally this film requires much more pre production, planning and research. This kind of Stop motion Film is more like a live action film, only difference is that it has clay model characters instead of real human being.

Research and Development

We took almost 1 month for doing research on developmental process only. In this phase we dotted down all needful tasks for developing the set, step by step process to carry the whole project till the end, because unlike live action film one mistake requires full retake of the shot which includes much more difficulties.

Pipeline for this film was so like, in the preproduction part we started with detailed storyboard where we decided every kind of possible camera angle that can be taken so that we can concentrate on the overall film design. From research to complete production of the film, it took around 3 months.


From the film design point of view, whole film had look and feel of an international touch, so character design from that aspect was very important.

Set Design:  One of the main parts of stop motion film is its Set Design. This includes lot of mathematics and architectural concepts. This is because it’s more like a virtual world where these clay characters are going to act out its part of the play. The design include too much detailing of structure, proper proportionate measurement and above all it should be sturdy, it can take at least minimum level of shock or disturbance or else it may get destroyed or may create lot of disturbance during shooting. In simple words the whole design should be very user friendly for the directors, animators and the cameraman. 

still from Pallbillwill Success Story

To make this set strong and realistic we used the best quality of all the materials like Thermocol, cardboard, POP, Color, paper, sand, Clay, wire and different kind of real props.

Character Design: The character for this film is made up of clay which is a big challenge because these are not static model, these are a movable model, and these are going to be animated so it should very flexible. For this it also required preproduction of the animation poses.

Not only should that it be simultaneously strong enough so that it can bear through continuous shooting and do not get deformed in shape and detailing. 

still from Pallbillwill Success Story

The most challenging part of the film was using green screen for shooting, and it became successful because all our all team members worked with unity and held lot of patience to shoot the film. Here no short cut or impatience works.  Another important challenge was Lighting Concept for Green Screen Footage which is very necessary to get best output in post production.

Shooting and Budget

We did shooting with DSLR Canon and Nikon Camera’s with good lenses as we wanted to get good quality output.  Whole budget of the film was around 2 Lakh including camera, tripod, lighting and green screen setup. Since it is a non-commercial project therefore we haven't counted our human labour cost of individual animators. 

                                                        still from Pallbillwill Success Story still from Pallbillwill Success Story

Team Members

Animation, Character Modeling : Amit Debnath , Magline Venue, Imran R.A, Set Design & Props Design : Anil kumar H.R, Anil Kumar P.N, Praveen Kumar H.P, Character Dress Design: Brunda B.R, Lyrics, Soundesign: Saptak Paul, Compositing & SFX: Anil Kumar P.N, Editing: Amit Debnath, Direction : Chiranjit Ghosh, Producer: Mrs. Indira Gupta 

still from Pallbillwill Success Story

Congratulations to the team members of “Pall Bill Will” for their initiative, we wish them All the Best for their future endeavours.

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