15 Photorealistic Movie Characters


We know that 3D modelling is an arduous process, requiring extreme attention to detail and creativity. It might be draining sometimes, too.

So we're offering you an opportunity to break away from your work and draw inspiration from some of the most extraordinary movie characters that were brought to life with the help of technology. Everything about these CG-generated movie characters is so convincing, it makes us wonder what wizardry stuff this level of CG will deliver in the future.

Can you match the level of expertise? We’d love to see your work!

1.Davy Jones, Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest

Entertainment Weekly named this Octopus-faced villain the second most convincing computer generated film character in film history (after King Kong, of course) and it’s fair to say – everyone saw it coming. Industrial Light and Magic tackled this ambitious project with exemplary precision and expertise, since seamlessly blending in Davy Jones and seventeen of his transmogrified crew with real, flesh-and-blood actors was a full-on challenge. The entire filming process was unique, too. Traditionally, the movements of a character like Davy Jones would be recorded using an old trick called “motion capture”, when the actor re-creates all of the actions in an isolated bluescreen soundstage. In Dead Man’s Chest, Bill Nighy, the actor who hides under the computer-generated octopus face, was acting on the main movie sets alongside Depp and others, wearing only something that he himself nicknamed “pajamas”, with reference dots on his face and around the suit.


2.Dobby, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1

Dobby is the most likeable house elf you’ve ever seen, do not deny it. He does look more human than his previous incarnations, but it took a team of 60 CG wizards 16 months to breathe new life into this magical creature. Dobby was played by a real actor and only later a crew of Framestore’s designers replaced it with animation. Months of rigorous work haven’t gone unnoticed, as Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 was nominated for an Oscar.

character Maya

3.The Wolfman

Although the movie was a flop, the Wolfman character is an intriguing blend of old and new world techniques: state-of-art make-up and mind-blowing CG. It’s nicely balanced and proper terrifying, as intended. Movie posters are especially eye-catching and give a good glimpse into the CG-extended film reality.

The Wolfman

4.Hulk, The Avengers

Software engineered for the fantasy menagerie of “The Golden Compass” was used as a springboard for rendering the Hulk. Hulk is an entirely computer-generated character, but a cutting-edge motion-capture technology was used to mimic the brutal, sharp and aggressive movements of football linebackers and it also applied phosphorescent face paint and strobe lighting to digitally capture even the most subtle facial movement.

15 Photorealistic Movie Characters

5.Gollum, Lord of the Rings

When it comes to CG-created movie characters, Lord of the Ring’s Gollum is always in the top three most admired Hollywood creations. Raitt, who’s behind this impressive CG-generated model, and his team developed a technique that implemented 964 control points on the model of Gollum’s face that made it possible to control Gollum’s facial movements in great detail.

15 Photorealistic Movie Characters

6.The Iron Man

We’re coming to a point where CG gets better every day and if it’s possible to do it practically, then it is just as well possible digitally. What the actor wore during filming was the so-called football suit or a half-suit. What the actor playing The Iron Man needed to wear was the upper body piece, helmet, gloves and arms. The scene where Tony Stark’s house is blasted off the hill was also all CG-created.

15 Photorealistic Movie Characters

7.Na'vi, Avatar

Avatar’s ten feet tall alien race with shining blue skin is one of the most impressive creative adventures to ever venture into the big screen. Near-900 strong crew worked around the clock to bring this science-fiction epic as close to reality as it was possible. 1,800 stereoscopic, photo-realistic visual effects shots of the creatures, the machines and vehicles, equipment, environment and everything else were created. The goal was to incorporate the details of the physical actors into the digital characters, so a great number of photographs and scans was used.

15 Photorealistic Movie Characters