Today animation is not limited in its scope. Animation is used frequently in India; earlier we use to see animation in the games but now days, we daily see numerous animated commercials and cartoon shows hitting our television set then before. 


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Myself Vikram Pandya, a Character Animator at Prana Studios. Currently working on a movie project (confidential). Before Prana I have worked with Visual Computing Lab Division of Tata Elxsi & UTV. I have worked on Movies, DVD Movies, TV Shows and some commercials. Recently I have completed my work on the movie “Arjun- the Worrier Prince” which is releasing soon in 2010.  

I would be sharing my knowledge and experience and talk in general about the Animation and Animators in brief. Some of the subject matter below can be arguable, but the only purpose of mine is providing some information to the newer talents. Whatever information is shared down is from my point of view. I am still learning and practicing this art.  

 Today animation is not limited in its scope. Animation is used frequently in India; earlier we use to see animation in the games but now days, we daily see numerous animated commercials and cartoon shows hitting our television set then before. So if someone who want to pursuit their carrier in animation has wide choices, that whether they want to join any game industry or any VFX studio or CG studio. Currently animation industry is growing speedily in India which opens up the doors for new talents to enter in the industry. 

Director of a movie depends largely on Animators to convey the emotions and expression of the character! So the job of Animator is very crucial in the industry.  

Animators have the artistic sensibilities and excellent knowledge of body mechanism as well as understanding of human behavior, solid understanding of animation principles, weight, timing and posing. So they deliver the desired output to the Director.

When People see an animated character in a movie, they are actually seeing a digital puppets stimulated by Animators. Animator are story tellers, Animators tells story by using series of pictures, make character live and put emotion and purpose to it, So when people see them they can connect themselves with the characters, and bind themselves with the story. Yaa that’s what we animators do. We pull the audience in to the movie with help of our characters to tell the story.

Some says that Animators are Actors, but if you ask me Animators job is far more complex then Actors because Actors act out one character in a movie, but Animator have to fit themselves in all characters which they animate, some times they animate Protagonist i.e. Hero some times Heroin or cruel villain or mad scientist, or sometimes creatures and unknown species too… So they have to fit them in all this kind of people, animal or creature, act out and create the illusion of their existence. In bonus, Animators consciously has to make character look appealing, add weight and check balance in all frames they animate (1 second = 24 frames, and for 1.30hour movie= 1, 29,600 Frames… Whoop..!) So you see being an Animator is not an easy job. 

For newer talent, entering in the industry is a problem unless they have artistic background. Many times students have asked me that how we can land ourselves in the industry as an Animator or how to approach any studio, so I would like to share some pointer which I always suggest them: 

Currently many studios arrange fresher training programs for Animation. They demand a reel showcasing your skill set, software knowledge & good observation skill, so there fresher’s get chance to turn their selves in to an Animator. So submit good demo reel which can bring the opportunity to your door step.

  • Take part in short film competitions, and if you can make something really good then industry will notice your work and if your work suits them they will hire you. 
  •  If you want to be an Animator then start Observing life around you, Study the Animation Principles, practice it to make sure that your real talent should be noticeable in your Reel. 
  • Develop the artist within, rather then just learning tools. 

Animation is giving life to the characters or inanimate objects. It’s not rotoscoping or just coping motion from some reference. Animation requires the artist to read between the lines and create something that is more than the original. 

That’s enough for the first article isn’t it? I am keeping it short, later will go deeper into the all animation stuff may be of mine choice or from your requests. 

“Keep working, keep growing..!”

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Vikram Pandya Animator

Vikram Pandya